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Guangdong Plastics Industry Association Group Standards Announced
2020-11-20 17:38:09
Recently, the Guangdong Plastics Industry Association published a number of group standards, and the general manager of Guangzhou POTOP Co., Ltd. and Zhang Chengyao, as the main drafting units and drafters, participated in the compilation of three of the standards :" TGDPIA 24-2020 diaphragm (dry) casting equipment type and basic parameters "," TGDPIA 25-2020 new energy battery aluminum plastic film casting equipment type and basic parameters "," TGDPIA 27-2020 photovoltaic backplane polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film casting equipment type and basic parameters ".
Guangdong Plastics Industry Association is the most authoritative technical guidance organization in Guangdong plastics industry. Guangzhou POTOP is very honored to participate in the formulation of the Association's standards, and has also proved that Guangzhou POTOP's technology and R & D level has been recognized by its peers. We will take this as the motive force, make great progress!

Standard Enquiry Website:
http://www.ttbz.org.cn/OrganManage/StandardList/4046? from=singlemessage