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Torque Rheometer

● Polymer material formulation design
● Raw material performance and quality inspection
● PVC melting characteristics test
● Test for plasticizer absorption performance of PVC dry mix
● Thermal and shear stability testing of thermoplastic materials
● Cross-linking characteristics determination for XLPE cross-linked ethylene
● Studying flow and solidification behavior of cross-linking polymers
● Formulation design of inorganic powder sintering molding materials such as metal and ceramics
● High-strength European standard integrated frame, 304 stainless steel desktop with aesthetic design. 
● Non-contact dynamic torque sensor for high accuracy and good repeatability. 
● Building block structure design, the mixing chamber and rotor can be flexibly disassembled and assembled, easy for cleaning. 
● The mixing chamber and rotor are made of high performance corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials.
● High-performance servo motor with wide speed range, the speed is highly stable.
● Special software based on LABVIEW is powerful and human-computer interactive.
● High torque and temperature measurement accuracy, sensitive to subtle differences in formulation.
● Humanized structure design, more convenient to operate. 
Model RTNI-55/03
Applicable materials Universal plastics and rubbers
Mixing chamber volume 55mL
Rotating speed  0-190rpm
Rotor speed ratio 2:3
Rotor Equipped with Roller (Options:Banbury、Cam、Sigma、Delte) 
Torque measurement range 0-200Nm
Torque measurement accuracy  0.5%F.S
Heating/cooling method Electric Heating/ Compressed air cooling
Operating temperature Room temperature-350°C
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Main motor power 3kW
Working voltage Three-phase 380VAC±10%,single-phase 220VAC±10%,50Hz
Rated power Approx.4.5kW
L x W x H 1085mm×610mm×1560mm
Weight Approx.300kg


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