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Capillary Rheometer

● Test for apparent / true viscosity curve. 
● Measurement and analysis of extrusion swell behavior. 
● Research and development of new products and formulations.
● Optimization of production process parameters.
● High-strength European standard integrated frame, 304 stainless steel desktop with aesthetic design.
● GEFRAN melt pressure sensor to ensure accurate test data. 
● The capillary die can test material performance and generate viscosity curve.
● Test for the true viscosity curve of materials by optional capillary dies with different L/Ds. 
● Optional narrow slot die to test the rheological curve of materials under special flow field. 
● Optional laser caliper to record the diameter of the extrudate in real time, study the extrusion swell behavior of the material.
● High-performance servo motor with wide speed range and stable speed. 
● Special software based on LABVIEW is powerful and human-computer interactive.
● Humanized structure design, more convenient operation.
Model RCSI-20/28
Applicable materials Universal plastics
Screw diameter 20mm
L/D 28
Screw speed 0-100rpm
Capillary die  dia. 1mm、2mm
Capillary die L/D 1mm:10、20、30、40;2mm:10、20
Pressure measurement range 0-50MPa
Pressure measurement accuracy 0.5%F.S
Weight range 0-4100g
Weight accuracy ±0.1g
Heating/cooling method Electric Heating/Fan cooling
Operating temperature Room temperature-350°C
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Main motor power 3kW
Working voltage Three-phase 380VAC±10%,Single-phase 220VAC±10%,50Hz
Rated power Approx. 9kW
Lx W x H 1255mm×1005mm×1000mm
Weight Approx.450kg


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