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Blown Film Line

Research and development of new film formulations
Blown film process experiment and optimization
Color masterbatch dispersion performance test
Product performance
●Driven by screw servo motor, precise speed regulation and stable plasticization
●The film frame is electrically raised and lowered, and the traction roller is supported by cantilever, which is convenient for film introduction and wide process range.
●Using the patented technology of vector air ring film bubble cooling, low noise and more energy saving
●Real-time measurement and graphic display of film blowing process data, accurate data and convenient observation
●A variety of safety protection and emergency stop devices are provided to ensure the safety of operators
●High-strength integrated electrical cabinet rack, 304 stainless steel desktop, compact and beautiful
Product Features
●Single-layer tubular film blown film forming
●Blown film process data acquisition and analysis software (optional)
●Visual analysis software for color masterbatch dispersion performance test (optional)


Model FBSI-20/28
Applicable materials PE、POF、PVC etc.
Dia 20mm
L/D 28
Screw speed 0-100rpm
Max. lay flat width 120mm
Product specification 0.02-0.1mm
Roller width 220mm
Line speed 0-10m/min
Pressure measurement range/accuracy 0-50MPa,0.5%F.S
Heating/cooling method Electric Heating/Fan cooling
Operating temperature  Room temperature-350°C
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Max. output 5kg/h
Main motor power 3kW
Working voltage Three-phase 380VAC±10%, single-phase 220VAC±10%,50Hz
Rated power Approx.9kW 
L×W×H 1650mm×610mm×2135mm
Weight Approx.550kg


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