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Desktop Roll Mill

● Formulation design of rubber and plastic
● Mixing, mastication of rubber and plastic
● Rubber mixing, vulcanization reaction
● Forming of common rubbers by extrusion and calendering
● Preparation of rubber and plastic sheets
● Surface treatment of plastic sheets
● Optimization and control of rubber process parameters
● Driven by servo motors, stepless precision speed regulation, good consistency.
● Hard chrome mirror calender roll with 304 stainless steel roll core, reliable quality with high surface finish.
● Electrical heating/oil heating can be selected according to process requirements.
● Two-roller spacing is manually adjustable, with mechanical scale. 
● High-strength European standard integrated frame with aesthetic design, light and durable. 
● 304 stainless steel desktop.
● Computer-based measurement and control system with user-friendly operation interface. 
● Real-time measurement and graphic display of important data for observation. 
● Emergency stop device and protective measures for operator's safety.
Model FPHU-300
Applicable materials Rubber, PVC etc.
Mixing capacity 0.2—0.5kg each time
Thickness of sheet 0.2-2mm
Width of sheet 0-250mm
Roller diameter 120mm
Calender roll spacing 0-5mm adjustable
Line speed 113m/min
Heating method Electric or oil heating
Working temperature Room temperature-250°C
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Motor power  0.75kW
Working voltage Three-phase 380VAC±10%,single-phase 220VAC±10%,50Hz 
Rated power Approx 9kW
L x W x H 980mm×615mm×1160mm
Weight Approx 300kg


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